Script for inverting files names

Is there a way to invert a file name?
example xxxx - yyyyyyy.mp3 to make it yyyyyyy - xxxx.
I have searched the forum and if there is something about it here I either overlooked it or didn't understand it. Sorry about being a pain in the rear newbie.

Thanks for any help.

Old name: b - (.*)(.[^.]+)[/b]
New name: \2 - \1\3
Type: Regular expression

Note that for music files Opus can rename them using the tags inside them which is often better. (e.g. You don't have to worry about artist or album titles that contain ' - ' and confuse things.)

Thanks for the quick reply Leo. I didn't think about doing using the tags inside. Really really appreciate the help. Thank you much.

If you want an example that uses tags, see #11 here:

[Various simple rename presets)