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'Script recorder' to built button more easily?

Sorry if it was already posted but search didn't get any result ( my english is too bad anyway so may be my search wasn't so efficient )

It could be great if they was a 'script recorder' able and capture any set of action, as the journal do, but in a 'code' language to fill the 'Command' field of button ... let's say something like the Photoshop script recorder, or MS office Macro recorder, ...

Example :

I switch the recorder on

I select a jpg.
Open the converter, turn it into a thumbnail.
Send it on a FTP repertory.
Copy the location via property on clipboard.

I switch the recorder off...

and get an result windows where i can copy past straight on the toolbar to get the adequat command ? A few option to replace the name of original file by %1 or {f} {F!} ...

Have no idea about the way to make it possible but it could be great for users like me, agree with explorer 'remplacement' but not that much in coding parameter etc ...

Hmmmm ... does it sound so bad ?

I don't think it's a bad idea but I'm not sure how it would work in practise. Should it record when you select files and change directories, or only when you click buttons? Stuff like that...

If you just want to chain together several buttons and have them act on the selected files then that's very easy to do yourself. Just go into customize mode and look at the command on each button, then make a new multi-line button which runs each command one after another.

I have no example right now ...

ok let's say i'm often doing a particular search for an '.exmpl' and then i copy them in a directory and then make a zip of it.

I know it's quite easy to script .. but for how many people ? It could be so easy for people not in scripting to copy from a rec. window and paste on toolbar.And i dont think that it's so difficult for you to build it...? I mean if the sequence is made within Dopus ?

You're may be too much in Dopus to feel how usefull, friendly it could be for lambda user. Or may be i'm too lazy to learn all thoses commands arguments,... anyways, we are legion :slight_smile:

I think you'd end up having to edit any automatically generated script since it might (not) assume you always want to use the same file name, or select the same files, the opposite of what you want, meaning it might save a bit of time but you've still got to have an understanding of the commands in order to tweak the scripts.

For most purposes the Opus commands aren't very complicated. If you can copy and rename some files from a Command Prompt (DOS window) then you shouldn't have any problem making Opus buttons, and Opus helps you by providing pop-up lists of commands and arguments so you can do a lot of button creation just using the mouse.

If you haven't already, watch this tutorial to learn the basics.

(By the way, I have no influence over which features are added so if GPSoftware think it's a good idea it could still be done!)

That's the worst part to 'design' and 'improve' for GPSoftware i guess...

No truely, i've seen this tuto and many others, but if i want to do a button i still have to search in command's reference and then have to do many test before getting an expected result, most of times with help from support forum. I can do it, but not everybody that's the point. In fact i am not looking so much for it, i was just thinking it could be friendly for most simple users.

Thanks for answers, hope it will be heard somewhere.