Script to rename from a file or clipboard content

Here they are my work by play this afternoon. Is very arcaic, so if someone can improve it, please do.
Actually old name and new name fields has no use, I want to make it work like in the Rename Dialog.
Any chance to add menu with especial files fields, again, like in Rename Dialog.
You tell me.

Also to be noticed that since there's no multicolumn listbox support, I had to use 2 list boxes to show the results, and when you try to resize the window,the right one getting crazy!!. Seems DO error. (1.66 KB)

Is this similar to the From File rename script?

If you're renaming and want it to be like the rename dialog, you can run scripts inside the real rename dialog (although there are cases where it makes sense not to, too).

The difference is that mine since make use of the new dialogs scripts, is able to load/paste text into an edit field, I see that the one you mentioned only permits use a predefined text filename as source.
If I do this as a rename preset, is asking me twice for the text file, one for preview, and another when it actually rename. am I'm right?

The new Custom rename fields (on about page 5 of the preliminary Opus 12 Changes.pdf) may be the best way to make the input file configurable in a rename script. The path would need to be pasted in though.