ScriptCommands w/o template and {file}

When trying to use button code variables in combination with a script command that does not feature a command template:

  • variables like {file} or ̖{sourcepath} will not be resolved before passing the arguments to the script command
  • the dropdown for variables in the button editor does not work, I can click it, but the menu won't show

So a script command currently needs a dummy template like "ABC/S" to make it behave like other commands and to not destroy
the button editors button-menu, even though it does not feature any command line options.

Thx! o)

For easy reproduction maybe try the little Say command: Command: Say (print text to the script console)
Latest version features the mentioned dummy template, the version before does not.

I don't understand; if the command doesn't have a template then by definition it doesn't accept any arguments.

I was refering to script commands, which only use ScriptCommandData.cmdline and therefore don't feature a template.
These kind of commands do still support passing of values by commandline if you wish, it's just that variables won't be resolved currently.

At first I thought this is not correct, in the meantime I think, this could actually be useful for some future usecase.
So, you just need to enable resolving of variables for the cmdline property by applying a dummy-template. Doesn't sound too bad? o)

A little note somewhere in the docs may be still worth it I think, as this is not obvious and really needs some luck and testdriving to get behind.

Thanks for the new feature born! o)