Scripting - clickData.func.command.RunCommand -- run multiple commands

In javascript I'm trying to do the equivalent of this MS-DOS command:
C:\temp\handle.exe && pause
I tried this:
clickData.func.command.RunCommand('C:\\temp\\handle.exe \u0026\u0026 pause')
but that results in error:

Windows cannot find 'C:\temp\handle.exe && pause'

If this isn't possible, is there any other way to run a CLI program from a script, and keep the CLI window open when the program is done?

RunCommand is for running single-line commands:

Runs the single line command given by the instruction argument. Calling this method is the equivalent of adding the single line with the AddLine method and then calling the Run method.

As the docs suggest, use AddLine and Run to build and run a multi-line command.

You'll also need to call SetType("msdos") if you want everything to run in a DOS box and use DOS commands like "pause".

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