Scripting: Verify a Tab is still open via Tab ID

Is anyone aware of any better way of determining if a tab (whose object's ID I have stored) is open any longer or not - other than checking for the ID in the Lister.tabs collection?

What were you after?

You might be able to use the OnTabClose event. Then clear the variable if the ID's match.
If you want a method like "IsTabOpen" then internally it would need to loop through the tabs to check anyway.

Yeah, I'd already added an OnCloseTab handler in relation to part of what I'm trying to do (which you guessed correctly about having to do with environment cleanup).

However, there are also other reason I want to verify the tab I'm looking for... part of which I'm having other trouble with at the moment (new post).

For this however, yes - I've gone ahead and added my own sub/function to return true or false if I find the tab ID in any of the open listers.