Scroll bar styling reverts to grey/white after a game or other application changes resolution

I am using a dark theme for DOPus (12.33), which includes dark colors applied to the lister and folder tree scrollbars.

I've noticed that if I launch a full-screen video game that changes the resolution of my monitor, DOpus seems to lose the styling of just these scroll bars and reverts them to grey/white. This can then only be fixed by stopping the dopus.exe process completely and re-starting the application (closing any/all DOpus windows is not enough, any new ones launched will still have the incorrect coloring).

Other potentially relevant information:
Windows 11, all current updates applied
Multi-monitor setup (3 monitors)
3840x2160 resolution on the main monitor with 175% window scaling.
1920x1080 resolution on the other two monitors with no scaling

Correct styling:

Incorrect styling after resolution change:

A fix for that is coming.

Nice! Thanks for the quick reply!