Scroll down (approximately) one page


I am currently sorting through thousands of photos, selecting some here and some there in thumbnails view. I do it by ctrl-selecting individual files so I gather a bunch of them over time. I often need to scroll down, and obviously I want to work page by page, that is after I am done with one screen full of pictures, I want to move on to the next. To this extent I move the mouse pointer to the bottom most area of the scroll bar, as low as possible, and click, and I have to leave the mouse pointer there and take care it will not move by mistake.

Thus it would be handy if there were a keyboard shortcut that would do exactly that - without messing with the previously-made selection of files. Is this possible (and as a side-question: what shortcut would you assign)?

Thank you!

If you're building up a large selection and want to avoid accidental changes to it, consider using checkbox mode which exists for that purpose. It also allows you to select (rather than check) files to show them in the viewer pane without disturbing the selection you're building up.!Documents/Checkbox_Mode.htm

Adding things to a collection is another possibility.

With both of those, you don't have to worry about accidentally clicking anywhere, or pushing a cursor key, and so on. As long as you don't do anything that changes folders (or an F5 refresh etc.), the checked items won't be lost.

Hello, this worked very nicely by using cursor and space to check items, thank you a lot!!! It was a pleasure to do the task in this mode.

What would be helpful is if checkboxes were for example filled with blue or red color and a white check symbol, instead of white filling with blach check. Reason: Using thumbnails mode, it is very difficult to spot those objects that are checked as opposed to those that are not. Or framing the checked images in a red frame - whatever it takes to make the checked ones stand out.