Scroll up scroll down

Hello again,
Is it possible to create a button (two actually) in order to scroll the file list, in order to be able to scroll with a touchscreen?
Thank you

As far as I know there isn't a command to scroll the file list so you can't add it to a toolbar button.

You could ask GPSoft to add one, though.

I'm guessing that on the touchscreen the scrollbar arrows are too small to click so you want to make a bigger button?

Maybe there's a more generic solution which will work in more apps than just Opus, such as installing a Gestures program that will let you create a mouse gesture to scroll up/down in the active window? I don't know how well such programs work with touchscreens but it might be worth investigation.

If it's simply that the scrollbar buttons are too small for touchscreen use - you can increase their size in Windows display properties.

thank you all guys for your answers.
Of course increasing arrow' size in windows properties is a right solution. I find this soft so powerful I almost forget I can have use of some of the xp features!!! :slight_smile: