Scroll wheel on folder name in path to move between folders

E.g. if my path is F:/pictures/ and has the following folders:

  • birthday_2020
  • birthday_2021

and I hover over birthday_2020 in the file dir path and scroll wheel down it would bring me to the path F:/pictures/birthday_2021, if I scroll wheel up it would bring me back to birthday_2020 and such.

Essentially you want middle mouse to cycle through this menu:

I can see how this would be useful but do note that menu is also sorted alphabetically. If you have a folder format that sorts by anything other than name it won't cycle in the same order as it's displayed. I can imagine it would be a bit tricky to get it to sort and cycle by the user configured folder options.

Yes correct, I really would like this feature. I often have a need to swiftly go through folders to see if 1 or 2 files are there/correct filename e.t.c.

I miss this and my other requested feature from dolphin so it would be amazing to get.

Might be useful for something similar:

Is there any way to use that via Mouse Wheel Up/Down or would I have to make a new button for them?

You'd have to make a button or hotkey, unless you did something fairly advanced with a tool like AutoHotkey.