Scrolling Acceleration again

OK Thanks Leo -- it IS subtle also in Thumbnails mode.

I was hoping to get an effect similar as in todays browsers, where finally (after decades) pixelwise scrolling has started to replace that ancient "jump one line at a time" terminal feeling.

Subpixel scrolling however would be even nicer...

Regards David.P

Personally, I dislike anything that takes that long to scroll a short distance and leave what I'm trying to read stable.

Maybe as an option, if it gets more requests. (Looking back through the 7 year old thread, this is the first time it has been mentioned. The rest was about wheel acceleration.)

Yes, but it's not about "taking long" -- only about replacing hard jumps by fast, smooth movements, in order for the eye to be able to see what just happened (i.e. in which direction things have moved, up or down? -- which is hard or impossible if things "jump" instead of "move").

Smooth scrolling has both an effect in details and thumbnails mode. What I noticed though, is that in details+thumbs mode the same scroll speed is applied as it does in details only mode. But since the thumbnails column width is dynamic the scroll speed should be dynamic also. The bigger the thumbs are the faster the lister scrolls.

For example if you use 130px thumbnails column and scrol 1 increment with scroll wheel, my last item in the lister will get way above the first item after 1 increment of scroll.

In thumnails mode this is dynamic. One increment will always scroll 1 row of thumbnails no matter what size the thumnails is.

But I believe this is too tricky for the devs, since details mode is in fact the same mode as details+thumbs.

Did anyone had situation when wheel scrolling acceleration wasn't applied despite enabled setting?
Had Intel PC, and moved to AMD, so app reinstall took place.

Noticed that prior to reinstall I managed to scroll down file list in Details view in few longer scrolls, now it takes 5 to 7 tries to get past 150 files.
Found out in Advanced settings wheel_acceleration - but or its enabled or disabled, I feel no difference.

If this is some sort of necroposting, please tell, and I will create new post.

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Maybe your new computer's scroll wheel amounts are just smaller in the OS/driver settings? Is scrolling slower in other apps compared to before as well?

Please link your account as well. "TrialUserSoFar" is a strange name to choose and keep for 9 months.

The behavior is same in other applications. Didn't remember that I changed scroll amount on previous system, there was no need for that.

And yes, probably it's time to buy app, rather than sitting on trials. Main concern currently is that too many private into needs to be provided on where payment is made.

The trial period is 3 months so it's definitely time to buy the program, or stop using it.

Took a while, but here we are again.
So previously I was on 12.12 which had accelerated list scrolling with wheel, like acceleration in games.
You flick wheel, and list goes further than usual.
Then did reported that 12.24 had such effect gone, now updated to 12.30, it's same.
(Tried wheel_acceleration in advanced settings, but after restarts, I see no difference enabled it's or not)
Wipe user config?

I could try to capture it, but not sure if will be noticeable.

Here is the video sample where I tried to capture it.
(4 mp4 pieces stitched together)

In 12.12 parameter True/False have noticeable effect, while 12.30 feels exactly after changing value.
Both version were restarted once value swapped.
Same behavior observed on clean configs, in video clean config shown is white one in 12.30.

Probably not much people care about such effect, as each user find quickest way to navigate for himself, and flipping wheel is not the best one :slight_smile:

Mouse wheel was used in sample without free spin function.