Scrolling the mousewheel in folder tree with drag n drop

I think I used to be able to scroll with the mousewheel when draging and dropping files in the folder tree. This seems to have stopped working now. Anyone know how or if I can reenable this feature? (I'm using DO

For what it's worth, it still works for me using Opus, Vista and Logitech SetPoint drivers.

Which OS and mouse drivers are you using?

Working ok here with Vista, Opus and Microsoft Intellipoint drivers.

I'm using XP and the latest setpoint (it's a logitech mx revolution).
Scrolling when dnd-ing in the file display works as normal, it's just the folder tree that wont. Plus that horizontal scrolling also works, just not the vertical.
Is there anywhere in the preferences that I can turn this back on?

I can't think of any options that would affect it.

Do you have the viewer panel open or anything like that? Some viewer plugins can swallow the mouse wheel, for example.

Nope, nothing else than the file display, the folder tree, status bar and some toolbars.

Just tried this on an XP machine using default windows mouse drivers and it still works fine.