Scrollwheel issue in metaedit

When using scrollwheel to change year only scrolling up works, but not down. Using Logitech mice with Windows drives (not Setpoint etc.).

AFAIR we already had an issue like that.

Hmm, strange. No problem here with my Logitech mouse either way. But i don't have Logitech's mouse software installed, if that's maybe the problem.

As said I don't have Setpint etc. installed! Just generic Windows drivers.

In Windows 10, make sure the mouse is over the control when moving the wheel, or it will probably send the wheel message to something else.

It is. 100%. Otherwise I wouldn't notice that raising up works.

Sorry, overlooked that. :blush:

It's not happening here, FWIW, also Windows 10 and a Logitech mouse without any extra drivers installed.

We made some unreleased changes to the mousewheel code recently, which are in the build I'm using, so it could be a result of that, but AFAIK they would only prevent the wheel messages from being acted on when the control doesn't have focus, and this is the opposite of that.

Can anyone else repeat what Sasa is seeing?

Tested it now on these other setups (all Win 10 x64):

  1. Tablet with MS Sculpt Mouse (using Sculpt drivers)
  2. Laptop with Gigabyte BT mouse (default bluetooth drivers)

Both same issue.

Just to make sure, we're talking about clicking on the highlighted part here and using the mousewheel?

No, changing the year in an audio-tag. But changing date as in your screenshot works with wheel.

That works here as well, but now other people know what to try at least.

Thought I'd do a little test as well. Mine works the same as Sasa's. I can change the year to a later year but can not go down to an earlier year.

But I think I figured out why with more testing (at least for me this fixed it).

With the audio year field empty. Click in the box starts with todays year and only scroll up works.
Now click outside the year field and come back. Now both up and down work.

So I think it has to do with the field starting empty. My scroll up and down works just fine with an audio file that starts with a year already entered.

I see what's wrong now. Easily fixed. Thank you all!