Search and replace date format in filename

I would like to have a button that changes the first part of a filename from date format 'yyyy-mm-dd' to date format ''

I especially do not exactly know how to use wildcards to get my result.

Is there also a way to watch a folder from within DirOpus and if there is a file added with the yyyy-mm-dd format it is then automatically converted to the format? Maybe this could be a quite complex task, if possible at all

Lots of ways you can do that. Using regular expressions is probably best if you need it to work no matter where the dates appear in each name.

Mode: Regular Expressions + Find and Replace
Old name: (\d\d\d\d)-(\d\d)-(\d\d)
New name: \1.\2.\3

Opus isn't intended to be a folder-monitoring background-automation tool. But you could make a system-wide hotkey which processes everything in a specified folder on-demand if you wanted.

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Thank you very much for helping! Sorry for 2nd question...!