Search archives with "Enable internal Opus Zip support" disabled

I saw the behavior is the same as DO12, but something doesn't sit right with me.
If I disable "Enable internal Opus Zip support" in "Prefs PAGE="zip" " and run a search from the "find" or "duplicates" panel by enabling the "Search archives" setting. Dopus doesn't warn me that he's not looking for anything, just that he can't find anything.
Either you don't let me select the option or it should ignore the choices made in the preferences and run the search.
IMHO It should ignore preferences.
This should be reviewed. Opinions?

There are other archive types beside zip, which are handled by plugins and should still work (at least as far as I know).

Maybe a warning would make sense though.

I did some tests and nothing, if you disable "Enable internal Opus Zip support" it also ignores all the archives managed by the plugins.
Among other things, I thought it would search for all supported archives and not the selected ones.
I hope the two things are separated

When I try it today, it seems to work on 7z archives even when internal Zip support is disabled:

I did a test with a clean install and indeed you are right.
I believe that between various tests I inadvertently deactivated the plugins. What bad luck, I had them deactivated in DO12 too.
Which is actually the only rule. The search is based on the plugins actually selected.

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