Search Bar

Is there a way of setting the bar to search for a file or a folder with a specific title rather than the actual word in the text of documents?

I am not sure if this is what is happening to me, but I have been having trouble with the search bar locating specific words or characters.

First problem has been going on for a while, searching files with underscores instead of spaces, turns up nothing. Unless I use the search in tools they won't show.

Now, I am searching for .csv files that have "downloads" in the title and the results included folders with the word in the title, as well as files, but there are a ton (1800) of files that don't have download anywhere in the title, but I suspect that there is text in the files with the word. So, you can imagine what the results are if text is being filtered.

So is there a way of indicating whether I am looking for the word in the title, for a file, or folder?

I am going to check and see if filtering works, but the fact that I can never find the files with underscores or filenames with copy of numbers at the end makes me wonder. Again this is just with the search bar and not the search tool.

filename:*downloads*.csv should find all files with downloads in the name and .csv as the extension, ignoring file contents entirely.

(Queries typed into the Search field as passed to Windows Search, and we just display the list of results it returns, so the exact details are up to it. Using Tools > Find Files can be easier, as that uses Opus's internal functionality and has a much clearer UI without needing to know all the magic keywords like filename:.)

I'm not too sure about the find in Explorer being the culprit because on other computers or configurations (older configurations) I can find what I want without having any problems. Meaning if I want to find all the files with an underscore "_" in place of spaces, right now with my configuration it won't show. However on other configurations it does. I can use the DOpus search in the tools bar, but it's a hassle when I can just type it in the search.

I don't revert to my older configurations because I have it set up for file icons matching what I want (.epub, .mobi, .pdf, etc.) instead of the standard icons. Changing the configurations always ends up with me having to reset a bunch of things that are not too easy to set in the first place.

I guess I will have to use the search feature or the find anything.

Microsoft keep breaking Windows Search in different ways in recent Windows 10 updates, so that's another possible cause of problems.