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Search by file type yields no result

Why don’t I ever get results when I search files by a specific type?

In the simple search panel, I choose Type: “File Type” and “Adobe Acrobat Document” (or anything else). No other criteria are altered.
I even clicked on the Reset button before.

All the other types but “File Type” work.

Is it because my Windows 7 64 bits is in French?

Also it is strange that for some files (but not all), this list of file types is populated in English, whereas the Type column in the lister is in the local language. E. g. : “Document texte” in the Type column, “Text document” in the File Type drop list in the search panel (also the Settings/File Types… menu has it in English).

I’ve noticed it long time ago, even if I use 12.20.5 today.

What does the Type column show for PDF files?

You could search for *.pdf if the file types aren't working as expected. Whether a file is considered a particular named "type" depends on how your registry is set up, and different PDF software in particular is notorious for fighting over the registry settings and trashing or replacing each other's types.

The strings can come from a mixture of Windows, Opus and the other software you have installed. If they're set to different languages (or only support different languages) then you might see a mixture of languages in the list.

That does seem strange, if it isn't consistent in different places.

Is "Document texte" also in the drop-down list, in addition to "Text document", or is only the English string there?

If you go to Settings > File Types and then use File > Diagnostic in the menu at the top of the dialog, could you save a diagnostic for the .txt extension and attach it here? That may reveal something.

Well, yes, that’s the workaround: one can search for *.pdf (or other). That’s why it has never been a problem to find a particular file type by a wildcard. But here I’m reporting a problem on the file type search. It’s just that the aforementioned function doesn’t work.

The problem is not on pdf or any particular file; it’s on any file (image types, text, audio mp3, etc.)

As for the file type strings, the populated lists are consistent: their items are in one language (either English if it’s international software or French if the main software installer ships as a local edition), but both languages for one file type are never in the same list. When there is a choice, the file type column in the lister takes preferentially the local language, whereas the drop lists or Settings/File Types… menu prefer the English equivalent.

Could you at least confirm that the file type search currently yields no result?

It was working for me but when I try again today (possibly on a different machine? not sure), I'm seeing a similar problem now as well.

We'll look in more detail and update the thread. Thanks for persisting, as it does look like there is a bug here.

This should be fixed in the next update. Thanks again!

Well, I have to keep my bug reporter reputation :slight_smile:

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