"Search by typing"

I'd like Opus Directory to automatically select first file/dir when opening directory.
I mean (for example): if I'm in "c:" and then select (focus) "Windows" and hit [enter] Opus Directory opens "c:\Windows". Now searching file by typing some first letters doesn't work! I have to select (by clicking or using keyboard arrows) whichever dir or file.
I'd like to use "search by typing" at once (like in Windows Explorer).

I'm not sure what you mean. By default DOpus quick jumps to the first folder or file that starts with a D if I press the D key while the file pane is active. Pressing D again jumps the focus to the next file or folder that starts with a D. Of course the same applies to other key presses.

Works ok for me as well... though I there are some times when I need to click on a file or somethign to be able to 'type-search'. But I think this is only after I've been navigating directories using the folder tree rather than the file pane.

If you're using Power Mode then the 2nd and 3rd checkboxes under Preferences, Listers, Power/Details Mode may be what you're after.

i just found a wierd thing
in details mode, hitting d to goto a filestarting with d works only if sorting the names by an order, if u have filetypes in a sorted order, hitting d will goto each filetype starting with d, filetype name only not the extension, i'd like to have it search filenames only or even custom set wether to search filenames, file type etc in preferences

also is there a way to make it instead of single charatcter lookup have it so i can just type in most of the file name, such as typing filen and it'll goto filename.ext instead of the first instance of f which may be called fa... or whatever

just those 2 things id like:P

Toggle Preferences, Listers, Power/Details Mode, Sort-field specific key scrolling. (Note that the same option is there independently for both Power and Details modes.)

That already happens, just keep typing without too much of a pause between each key.

woot it works
nudel, has anyone ever told u how lovely u are:P