Search - Cannot specify location in advanced search

Hi, I'm using Dopus v11.19 x64, and I don't seem to be able to somehow specify a location criterion in the advanced search dialog that is actually recognized by the engine.
For me searches specified in the advanced search dialog only work in connection with specifying pathes to search in the simple search dialog, but that way I cannot save the path specs for my search
in a filter template. Search not working means the engine never starts working -> the "Find" button alway shows "Find"
and never even shows "Stop". Of cause nothing shows up in the results Tab.

The list of paths to search is independent of the simple/advanced mode.

If the Find is not doing what you expect it to do, please post a screenshot showing how the panel is configured, what the results are, and an example file which you're expecting to be found but isn't.

This search for example starts below "G:" and not below "G:\DOWNLOAD\MAHOUT" like I want it to.

If I am clearing the independent list of Paths dopus seems to do no search at all, although "G:\DOWNLOAD\MAHOUT" is specified as location in the advanced dialog.
If I am specifying another drive, like "D:" or so, in the independent list of Paths ,
it searches below "D:", but not below "G:\DOWNLOAD\MAHOUT".

The Location search clause controls which files are matched, but not which locations are searched. The Find In area specifies the actual folders to be searched - where you have G:\ listed. So it will be searching all folders below G:\ but only matching files in the DOWNLOAD\MAHOUT sub-folder.

O.K. I understand the difference;-) Also one should not forget to have "Search inside Subfolders" ticked on, although the search takes much longer that way, or you could specify the full path in the independent list of Paths, which inturn prevents you from saving them to your pre-defined filter, but thanks anyway for your prompt answer.

Where to search and what to search for are separate things, with the default being to search below the current folder.

You can make buttons or hotkeys which will set the Find In paths (and optionally load an Advanced Filter as well if you wish, or even do the entire Find operation and just show you the results).

All done using the Find command and arguments. (If you need more detailed help than what's in the manual for the command, please link your account.)

True, scripting might be a good Idea in my case, thanks.