Search clipboard to find a map from button

Hello, i would like to find a map from the clipboard with a button, can you help me?

What kind of map?

Find it where? On the local system? On a website?

What's in the clipboard?

I search a map in the steam map for the game local on a disk, its a digit like 597020110.

I'm not sure what you are trying to do, sorry.

Its a Steam game Cities: Skylines, it uses downloadable content and puts the download in a map. You can find the digit on the site.
as an example:

h ttps://

Sorry for the space in http but else you wont see the digit

The script code to look up that number on a website or in a file or wherever the mapping exists, and turn it into whatever result you want, doesn't really involve Opus in any way.

If you can provide the script code to do that, we can show you how to run it from an Opus button. But the main part of the question doesn't really seem to be about Directory Opus.

I double click in the internetadress on the digits so that only the digits are selected, after that i copy these indexcode to the clipboard.

I think it is strange that Dopus cant search something that is in the clipboard, i tag this as "Not willing to offer a solution".

If I understand correctly:

  1. You have a file with a particular name (597020110 in your example) on your local disk
  2. You have the file name in your clipboard
  3. You want to be able to use DOpus to (a) get the file name from the clipboard and (b) search your local disk for the location of that file

Am I understanding this correctly?

Opus can do that, but you haven’t described what you want to do very well and I had no idea that was what you wanted to do until now.

I’m still not sure where maps come into things, or what type of map is meant.

By “map”, do you mean folder/directory?

Map = folder in Dutch so you are probably right on the money.

Nay, I think he simply wants to search the computer with the clipboard content, like

Find NAME="{clip}" IN {sourcepath} RECURSE

That was my impression, as well.