Search & Directory Tree

Please would someone explain to me how I can get a search window to show the directory and underlying tree, for each item found in a search.
At present the columns produced in a search are the same ones that I normally have for my Lister, ie: Name, Size, Extn, Date Modified, Attr, Title, Author, pages, Type, Creation Date, Size.
I would like it to replace some of those so the window shows the directory tree as well, eg C:\Windows\System32\drivers\en-US.
But obviously I don't want to change my normal lister.
So I suppose I would also need an explanation as to how to set up a special "search lister".
Any ideas, please.
Kind regards

Go to Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats and find Default Formats / Collections. Double-click it to edit it, and add the Location column to it.

On the same page, under Path Formats, you may also have a saved format for e.g. coll://Find Results which overrides the more generic Collections format, so you may want to add the column to that as well or instead. (You can also edit that format without going into Preferences, by adding the column to the file display while it is showing Find Results, and then using the Folder Options dialog to Save > For This Folder.)

Many thanks indeed Leo.
I can now see the directories, which is a huge improvement. (And I didn't even have to save the preference!)
Unfortunately I don't follow the second part, i.e. your meaning regarding the Path Format. I don't know what that means, or how to save a format, or how to add a column to that, or any of the other steps.
Kind regards

If it's working then you don't have to worry about the second part.

If you want to learn, see the FAQs second, for the Folder Formats Advanced guide.