Search Field default not sticking

When i change the Search Field engine to e.g. Opus Search, it always reverts back to Windows search upon opening a new lister. the beta release notes say the last chosen search engine is remembered automatically, but that's not the case for me. Is there a trick to getting this to stick?

I have also tried saved the lister with the engine selected, and it still reverts to windows search on opening a new lister.

Should be automatic. If I change the mode, close the window, then open a new one, it's in the mode I changed it to.

If you edit the field in Customize mode, make sure it doesn't have any Args, as those could force it into a particular mode.

oh great - that fixed it for me. for some reason i had "notheme" in the Args
once i removed that it's now remembering the default

Thanks for that detail! I think there used to be a "notheme" argument for the field but it's no longer used now.

We've coded a change that will be in 13.5.1 and makes the Search Field safely ignore any invalid/obsolete things in the Args field, in case anyone else runs into the same problem.