Search field, like in Windows Vista or MacOS?

Is it possible to add a search field in the menu-bar area and have it to work something like in Vista or Mac OS, if I write "*.mp3" and press enter it filters out allt the .mp3 files (or show them in a new Tab, Vertical/Horisontall window or whatever). I Know the same function is possible by using Ctrl+F and/or the Lister Find Panel, but that it would be much faster to have the "Simple -> Name matching"-field and prefered option dropboxes right there in the upper menu like in Vista :slight_smile:, anyone know sum' about this?

It's possible. Have a read through the FAQs, there's one FAQ on this subject but the others may also be useful.

I browsed all of the FAQ entries and did not seem to find one related to this. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks much.

HOW TO: Add and Configure Filter boxes

Ah, okay. Thanks. I thought the original post was actually referring to something a little different. But good to have this anyway too. :slight_smile: