Search field problem

I have some jpg and .nef (Nikon RAW) files that I have accidentally named "TX=" followed by date and time info. I typed in TX= in the search field and it showed, apparently, everything with name starting with "TX-". I tried enclosing the search string in quotes but that didn't change my results. Just in case it mistook "=" for part of a regular expression, I tried escaping it with = but still incorrect results.

What am I doing wrong? I want to find all of my TX= files so I can rename them all.

Opus' own search is the better tool for this job:


that works, but why doesn't it work from Quick Search? It seems odd that there are two different ways to search - the Quick Search field and the search field brought up by ctrl-F.

That's Windows Search!Documents/Windows_Search.htm

The other one is the Opus Find tool!Documents/Find_Files.htm

No idea why it has a less prominent place :wink: