Search, file collection and dark mode

I am testing Dopus and comparing Dopus with other software, I won't talk about the advantages of Dopus, there are too many, and there are many that I haven't discovered yet.

Some comparisons:
Other software is 5 seconds faster than Dopus.
Find panel (CTRL+F) is not good when fullscreen in 4K screen, it would be nice to have a centered Find panel.

2)File collection
To open a collection of 350,000 items, Dopus takes 6 minutes and 10 seconds, and I can't see the items until it's opened, maybe the collection function isn't designed for multi-items? compared to 36 seconds for similar features in other software.

3)Dark mode
I tried some of the forum's darker themes, and the Find panel was still bright, I often use the advanced lookup function, which is a bad experience for me.

To sum up, I will not use Dopus for the time being, but Dopu is a powerful file management software, and I expect some shortcomings to be optimized in the future. :smiley: