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Hi there,

I'm looking for a search filter, which finds all .RAR files except *.part02.rar to *.part99.rar. Any ideas? And I'm looking for a "USB-press-into-brain-cable", which is connected to the computer on the one side and somewhere to my head on the other, pushing all the regular expression tutorials around the web directly into my brain. Saw this on Stargate. Seems to work perfectly... :unamused:



Here's one way to do it:

It matches all .rar files, excluding ones which are .partX.rar (where X is any number), unless they are .part1.rar (with any number of 0s before the 1, so part01.rar is also okay).

So you can paste them, the two regular expressions are:



Leo, thanks for it! Works perfectly!

I have another 2 questions:

I just installed DOpus 10 and found, that the search dialog (F3) is a part of the lister window now. Couldn't find where to set it back to a seperate window in the preferences. Is this not possible anymore?

Is there a way to put the filter mentioned above to a hotkey or a button so that I highlight a folder in the tree view or file pane and press that button to get the search results?

Thanks a lot!!!

  1. No, the legacy Find window is gone, leaving just the Find panel.

  2. Yes, save the filter and give it a name, then make a button or hotkey which runs Select FILTER PATTERN="My Filter Name"

Hmm, doesn't seem to work. I created a filter named "RAR Archives".

Then I created a button using your command.

When I select a folder in the tree view containg *.rar and *.part??.rar files, the filter does not select any of them.

What I basically wanted to achieve is, if I click a folder in the tree view pane (or in the file pane) and then click the button, I get a coll://searchresults window which shows all matches within the selected folder an its subfolders. Is that possible?



I double-checked and the Select FILTER PATTERN="RAR Archives" button works okay here. (It just selects the files, doesn't filter the others out.)

Make sure you don't have any invisible junk at the start or end of your regular expressions. (e.g. Spaces or returns that got picked up by accident when copying & pasting off the webpage.)

You can modify the command so it hides everything else:


To put things back to normal, use the Clear Local Name Filters:

Hmm, the filter works, the button does not. However, I think I can live with this.

Thanks a lot, Leo!

I think I found a little bug.
According to the help file: the Lock Folder () button locks the Find in location to the folder displayed in the current file display. When the folder is locked, the Find in list will automatically reset to the current location whenever you navigate in the file display.

Here it doesn't seem to work. With the button pressed or not, when I navigate to another folder, the "find in" location remains the one I had when I opened the find file utility panel.

Could you post a screenshot showing what you see?

Also, which version are you using?

Sure Leo, no problem :slight_smile: I use version

(side note: I love the "upload to ImageSchack" right click, very useful functionality !)

On this screenshot I circled the button I am talking about. According to the description, when pressed, the searched folder should change depending on the folder I have open as a source.
Currently, if I navigate to another folder, the searched directory remains the same as you can see in the following screenshot (I tried both, with the button pressed and with the button depressed)

You have a similar functionality in the "Synchronize" utility panel where you can make sure that both the source and the destination folder fields remain locked to what you have selected as source and destination, but here it works fine.

Sorry for the amount of pictures, but with my bad English it's easier to explain that way :slight_smile:

Thanks. Pictures are good & helpful (especially with cats :slight_smile:).

Please try with (link in my sig) as there was a related fix which may also fix what you are seeing (although I am not certain).

If that doesn't fix it, how are you doing the nagivation? Folder tree, or double-click on a folder in the main file display, or some other way?

Does the same thing happen if you start in C:\ and double-click on Program Files? Or does it only happen in certain places?

Happy you like my little kitty family :wink:
At the moment, the links to the beta are not working so I will try again in a little while and update to see if it solves the problem.
To answer the second question, whatever navigation style (folder tree, folders, back forward arrows, different drive) and no matter which folder I am in, same result.

I know now why the links didn't work, beta 5 arrived :slight_smile:
So, I installed it but it doesn't solve the problem here. I have to close and reopen the Search panel to actualize the path (or select it by hand with the folder selection "drop down" (sorry, not sure about the actual name :slight_smile:. Anyway, it's not a show stopper and Opus is updated so often that I am not worried it will be fixed in a future release :slight_smile:

Did you try starting in C:, turn on the Find panel, then go to C:\Program Files?

I had another look at your screenshots for clues about what might be triggering the problem, and it looks like you've redirected your profile folder(s) (My Pictures etc.) to D:, which might be what's confusing Opus. (Or might not. :slight_smile:)

Yes Leo, I tried that, also going from C: to another drive but the search remains in C:\ wherever I go (if I start from C:\ that is).
I always move my profile folder (at least the documents, picture and so on part) to D because I don't really like a big C:\ drive (for system backup purpose).
I do the moving with windows explorer right before I install Directory Opus in fact because I noticed that windows really doesn't like when those folders are moved by another program.
I checked again using the Synchronize utility panel and with it, everything works fine, wherever I go (including on the network, both path perfectly synch to both, the source and destination so I really think it's a small issue with the Find utility panel (at least on my config, I don't know if other people see the same problem :slight_smile: )

Too late to edit my post so I will add this here :slight_smile:
I just checked the Duplicate Find utility panel, and like the Synchronize one, it works as expected (wherever I start from, if I change folder or drive, either in the folder tree or the right panel, the path get updated "live".

When the Find folder is mis-matched, does clicking the lock button twice set it back to the current folder? (If so, does it then follow you, at least until you close the window?)

No, I just tried and unlocking then locking (or the opposite) doesn't work, the path remains the one I had when I opened the panel. Seems this little thing doesn't want to cooperate :slight_smile:

Hmm... Strange. :frowning:

Is the Reset button to the left of the Lock button the same? (That should also make the current folder the starting point, and clear all other folders from the list.)

Yes :smiley: The reset button work and set the path to the currently selected folder, it will be perfect until the automatic part work. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: