Search finds non existing objects

This is weird. Now, it doesn't find "Windows", that is correct. But what it has found are non existing folders. Note, this happens randomly and it doesn't matter if there are valid results or not. Minor irritation, but I thought I'd mention it since perhaps there's an explanation. Notice that the non existing objects are always the same..

Are you talking about the "Season 02", "Season 03" etc in the tree on the left?

Those aren't search results, they're file collections (sub-collections actually). If you click the parent "Find Results" collection you'll be able to delete them.

Aha. Don't know what file collections are (look at docs later) but, it worked, now they are gone. There are 4 collections there, "Duplicate Files", "Find Results", "Find Results (1)" and "Find Results (2)". I assume I can delete them, except for "Find Results"?


You can delete them all but they will be recreated after you run a new search/duplicate search.

OK. Thanks!