Search folder using *


When I search a folder for text within the names of files and folders (using the asterisk), I get a list of files and folders that contain the search term. Now, if I open one of the folders in that list, I can't go back to the list of results. When I click the "back" button, this takes me back to the folder that I searched, not to the search results. Is there a way to change this behaviour? Now, all I can do is repeat the search, which is rather cumbersome.

Thanks, Arthur

You can do one of these to solve that:

[ul][li]When you're looking at the search results, right-click the background of the window and choose Save as Stored Query. You can now go back to it after leaving the search results folder.


[li]Keep the temporary search results open, and open any other folders in new tabs or new windows.


[li]Use Tools -> Find Files instead of the top-right Search Field, as that will put the results into a File Collection which you can go back to.[/li][/ul]

Hi Leo,

I just tried your first suggestion and that does make things easier. But I meant a find-as-you-type search, using the small search bar at the bottom of the folder, which pops up when you press the asterisk. Rightclicking the list of results in this case doesn't give me the option to Save as Stored Query. Is there a way to add this option to the right-click menu of the find-as-you-type results window?

Oh, the filter bar, filtering the current folder rather than searching in & below it.

You can turn off Preferences / File Displays / Filter Bar / Clear Quick filter automatically when changing folders if it is on, so that the filter isn't cleared when you change folders. Or use one of the other three options above to do things slightly differently.

Thanks, Leo!