Search for, excluding

I'm doing a search on several drives using the Find command.
Local Harddrives (A:, P:, C:, M:, P:, Y:, Z:,)

Name Matching: *.one Wildcards
Type: Files
I would like to exclude from the search the following directories
Y:\PRG\ & Y:\BK

Local Harddrives (A:, P:, C:, M:, P:, Y:, Z:,)
I switched to Advanced:
Name Match *.one (WildCards)
Location No Match Y:\PRG\MS\OneNote\Active (WildCards)
I need to exclude the folder Active and all the subfolders underneath it. It is including rather than excluding.

Here's how to do it:

I did a Google search and it took me to your article. This is the one I've been using. The article and searching the manual yet I'm still not able to exclude.

That would only exclude files which were in that exact location, not sub-folders.

You can add the (|\*) wildcard to the end specify both that folder and all sub-folders. This is like example 2 in the FAQ I linked to:

  • Location No Match Y:\PRG\MS\OneNote\Active(|\*)

While that will get you the correct results, it'll still be slow as it doesn't prevent anything from being looked at, it just prevents things from being added to the results. Every file and folder is still looked at.

If you're using the Find tool, it'll be quicker to tell it not to even look inside the unwanted folder. This is like example 3 in the FAQ:

  • Subfolder, No Match
    • Full Path, Match Y:\PRG\MS\OneNote\Active