Search for filenames containing non-std-ascii characters

I'd like to find files containing, or only existing of non standard ascii characters, for instance where the name is like


So I can rename them, e.g. after parent foldername.

Any suggestions?


Using a regular expression is probably easiest. e.g. ^[^a-z0-9_.]+$ should match everything that isn't between the [^ and ].


Like this?


I have put some of those weird files somewhere for testing, Opus doesn't find them based on the above.

Match=results are blanc, zero hits
No Match=all files and folders except those weird ones are listed


Try this one:

Name No Match ^[\x20-\x7f]+$

[s]That needs a + or a * before the $, surely?


(Fixed now.)

Oops, fixed. Copy error across two systems.

Waow... Incredible...!

Many thanks to you both.
Really appreciate it as it saves me a lot of time.


small update:
to cover characters like á à Á À é è ë í ì ï ó ò ö ... etc. being valid western europe characters, have updated the below to include
some extended ascii as well.

^[\x20-\x7f \xc0-\xc5 \xc7-\xcf \xd1-\xd6 \xd9-\xdd \xe0-\xe5 \xe7-\xf6 \xf9-\xff]+$

(excl. c6,d0,d7,d8,de,df,f7,f8,fe)

Maybe (better said, most probably) not really fancy, but it seems to work... :wink: