Search for multiple conditions

Super basic question, but I have spent 2 hours trying to figure it out.....
How do I search for multiple filenames with different conditions at the same time?
Example: *.docx; *.xlsx

I have tried the following formats on the "simple" name matching search line. No results are returned.
*.docx; *.xlsx
*.docx OR *.xlsx
84.docx; 84.*xlsx
84.docx OR 84.*xlsx
84.docx AND 84.*xlsx

I have tried the "Advanced" search tab (using similar queries as above). No results returned.

Search works fine so long as I am seeking only one query result. eg. *.docx .... 84.docx
Search works fine when I apply filters for dates or "containing text", but again only with a single query. Trying to use OR & AND returns nothing.

I thought my system might be messed up, but Windows 7 search works as it should.
I even did a Fixit reset of search.

Have a look at Pattern Matching Syntax in the Help file.

Regards, AB

Thanks AB, but I am still not getting it or seriously missing something......

Can you confirm that the standard Windows search syntax does not work? e.g. I want to find all my Word and Excel files. I have used the following for 30 years: *.docx; *.xlsx ..... or: *.docx OR *.xlsx . This syntax does not return any results. Again, results only seem to be return if I search for one file suffix such as: *.docx or *.xlsx or *.jpg.

It's my understanding from the Pattern Matching Syntax reference that I need to use: Select *.(docx|xlsx) to find all Word and Excel files. Unfortunately, this syntax does not return any results either.

Simply using the following works for me in the Find panel (Simple tab):


Make sure no other parameters are defined in the Find panel (ie date, size, etc) that might skew expected results.

This will also work in the Filter Bar, but NOT the Windows Search Bar.

For the Windows Search Bar, you can use the following syntax: ".xlsx" OR ".docx"

Thanks Chuck. Got it! Yes, everything I was trying to do was In the Simple tab. I was using Select *.(docx|xlsx) as specified in the Pattern Matching Syntax. Leaving the Select out and using *.(docx|xlsx) as you advised made it work.

Follow-up question re: the Advanced Tab.

What is the purpose of the "Use Wildcards" checkbox? I assumed it is to create a search such as 172. e.g. find all files with 172 in the filename. That produces zero results. I need to check the "Use Regular Expression" box to get a list of all filenames that contain 172.

Select is a command, it's shown in the Pattern Matching help as an example only - it's not part of the pattern itself.

The Use Wildcards checkbox applies to the Containing text field. Wildcards are always enabled for filename searches. See the docs for a full description of all the options.