Search for phrase with wildcard

If I want to search for a phrase within the contents of files in Directory Opus, how do I do it ?

e.g. If I want to find a phrase "good behaviour" or "good behavior" and it should give me all files where either of the British or American spelling is available, I tried to use "good behavir" in contains with wildcard enabled. Double quotes were also part of the search as I wanted good and behavir words next to each other.
It did not seem to work. Is there any other way this can be achieved ?
Thanks in advance,

Are we talking about file names or file contents? (If contents, which file types?)

File contents. File types will be typically documents like pdf, Microsoft Office files, html files, text files with .txt extension etc.

Oooh.. search plugins.. PDF filters, Image filters which let you search on colors and faces. HTML filters which let you search on tags and styles. The opportunities are endless... Microsoft documents can already be searched and indexed using Office Filter Pack and Images with this thing with built in OCR, and pdf files with this. All it requires is IFilter support in DOpus's find in files dialog for indexing known content types..

Just a suggestion.. Sounds like a bad idea personally..

If you're searching file contents, using the Opus Find panel (Tools > Find Files), don't quote the phrase as it is already searching for what you type exactly and adding the quotes would make it look for the quotes.

You'll need IFilters for some of the types you are searching inside. See PerlLiama's post above for links to the Office filters.

On the other hand, if you are using the Windows Search field at the top right of the toolbars (by default) then the search query is just passed through to Windows and how it behaves is up to the OS. (Should generally be the same as typing the same thing into Explorer's search field.)