Search for Tags using a button

Thank you for your time!

Can't seem to find anything on this in the command reference.

Basically what I want to do is setup a tool bar with a list of tags on it, each tag being a button. When a button is clicked, it will search the current folder and subfolders for the tag labeled on the button.

This would greatly reduce the time I'm spending inputting search queries into the advanced search built into DOPUS.

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There are many ways to achieve this, I guess, but you are welcome to the one I use.

I have thousands of images all keyworded and tagged with IPTC. This method allows me to find any picture within two or three seconds. It really is lightning fast.

I use the method to search up to three different tags, but what you want is much easier.

You will need to set up Indexing on Windows - I know, it used to suck, but they have improved it immensely recently. It pays to research windows search - I suggest:

but there are much simpler ones around.

When you have the indices set up and running a set of simple buttons like the one below, should meet your needs. Just copy the button and change the search word(s)

Vogue.dcf (158 Bytes)

If you want to use the Opus Find command instead of Windows Search, I think you would need to save named filters for each of your tags, then make buttons which run the Find command with them.

We have plans to let you define filters within buttons and scripts, without having to save them separately in advance, so this should become easier in the future.

If you want to use Windows Search, go with the reply above.

Unfortunately some of the file types I use store data in an ADS that windows search doesn't pick up. I appreciate the help though.

I did manage to make a button that searches by tags, thanks for the tips Leo!

Is there anyway to speed up the searching though? The process seems to take awhile to complete.

What does your filter look like?

You might be able to speed things up by restricting which files it looks for tags in, if the drive/folder you're searching has a lot of files of other types that it would be a waste of time looking in.

It looks like this. Note that I replaced the actual subject name with a generic one.

All it's doing is looking for a name in the tags. I plan to have other filters that look for things in the tags as well.

Do you want it to look at all files or only ones of particular types? Checking the type is very fast. Checking the tags is relatively slow. So if you filter out files of the wrong type first, in a clause above the Tags clause you have, it may speed things up. That is assuming there are files of other types in the folders you are searching.

Thanks for your help Leo! I added a clause to restrict it to pictures only. It shaved off about 10 seconds of a 1 min 10 second search.

I did some additional fiddling around with things and I decided that I'm just going to put all the tags into the filename and then have buttons that automate the search (using windows search) for them that way. With this I get near instant results.

The only thing I'm worried about is reaching the filename size limit with this method. It's a shame that file metadata is such a PITA thanks to different file types supporting only certain metadata.

You could also try another approach, making a button or command using following code:

FIND IN "P:\Examplepath" QUERY {dlgstring|find in P}
/home\dopusrt.exe /cmd Set SHOWFILTERFILENAME=*.jpg

Just replace the path with the location you want to search in. You also can change the jpg part into some Raw format or the like. This type of search can be much faster.

That (with the QUERY arg) would use Windows Search, which Evernessince doesn't want in this case.

Leo is correct

Ooops sorry, didn't catch that.

It's alright. I appreciate the effort to help, thank you!

Is there any update on define filters within buttons and scripts