Search function broken?


When i search files, there ain´t any results returned, which is impossible. Is that a bug? Please look at this pic: ... uchrv6.jpg

This settings are supposed to generate lots of hits. What could be wrong? :confused:

Note: keine Treffer = no hits :wink:

I don't know German, but I think you are sending your Find Results to either a File Collection in the Lister or perhaps the Output window.

yep, to the file collection, but they don´t show up, somehow. Even if i chose *.exe or *.jpg, no hits :frowning:

When you send output to Lister (Collection) a lister window should open that displays the File Collection with your results. The lister may be opening up behind the Find Window, if it's Depth gadget (the push pin button in the upper right corner is set accordingly).

Try clicking the Add Folder button next to the words "Find in". You need to add the Folder to the search path. Look at where the path is in your screen grab and where it is in mine.

I should´ve explained, that i use a customized search. This was a feature which i asked in this (or was it the german?) forum, to change the standard search behaviour. I used a button with the search argument "Find in C:,D:,E:,F:,H:,I:,K:,L:,M:", wich worked fine.

But for obvious reasons, change in syntax, i guess, this does not work anymore, so i have to use it klicking the "search drives/folders" button again, then selecting "local drives" again.
Doing so will produce hits, so the function is not broken.

It would be nice to have a button like in the 8 version, though.

Thank you very much!

Change your button to this and it should work again:

Find in C: D: E: F: H: I: K: L: M:

Tip: If you shift-click the "remove path" button in the Find tool it will clear the list of paths. Handy if you've added 9 paths and sometimes want to quickly remove them all. :slight_smile:

Actually, you don't need to add it (although it doesn't do any harm to do so). The path in the edit box is automatically included in the list of search paths.

[quote="nudel"]Change your button to this and it should work again:

Find in C: D: E: F: H: I: K: L: M:

Yeah, working now, perfectly!
thx a lot, mate. I almost found it by myself, permutating around a bit :smiley:

& thanks also for the additional tips!