Search no longer works?

Dopus has suddenly stopped working. I use it at least 20 times per day and have had no problem for years. Suddenly, no files I search for are found. Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

Please post a screenshot showing how you have the Find panel set up (or the search query you are using, if you're using the search field instead).

Please also post a second screenshot showing some of the files you think the search should find but isn't.

(Please link your account as well.)

These are just a few of the files

In the second shot, those files are below P:\, correct?

Try using filename:*.pdf in case something is getting stuck searching file contents.

If you do the same search in File Explorer, is it working there?

Back in Opus, what if you do the same thing (*.pdf) but using Tools > Find Files. Does that find things OK, or still finds nothing?

I'm having this exact same problem and I too have been using this feature for many years without any dramas.

I have tried explorer and it works 100%

I tried the " Tools > Find Files" and it works as expected.

I've tried searching on local and mapped drives with the same result, nothing. Also filename:*.pdf doesn't work either.

And yes I use this search option all the time and would really like it back working again please :slight_smile:

I'm not 100% sure but this might have stopped working after the last update, but don't quote me on that one!


Please download and install the current release of 12.12 from our website and see if it helps.

Already using 12.12 but I'll reinstall over the top of the current install

Yep that fixed it, thanks!

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