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Search - Number of subfolders


Is there a way to tell opus how many subfolders to look under when searching?
(If not, then I suggestion it should be implemented in the future)

I ask this because there are many times I have some .txt files 3-5 folders deep for organization, but I dont want it to take 30 minutes to search the whole root folder, where I know it might be under.

Thanks for the help.


Building on the basics from How to filter items by location or sub-folder, you can tell Opus not to look inside sub-folders whose locations have too many \ characters in them.

The Location clause tests the full path to the parent of an item.

C:\one\two\three\four\five has location C:\one\two\three\four which matches **** and means that the five folder (and any below it) will not be entered when searching.

Remember that Location is always an absolute path. If you want to limit the depth relative to where your search starts from then you'll have to adjust the wildcard string.


Thank you leo.