Search on extension - manual add extensions

Advanced search: I would like to search on (e.g.) .mht and .nts
Regretfully I have to select for a lllong list of predefined filetypes.
A bit complicated, cannot insert the extension manually.

Maybe add this possibility?

Wouldn't know what .nts is... and in this case it is not relevant either.
Just want to find all those .nts, mht files so I can rename them.


You don't have to select from a list, you can type the extensions if you want.

I mean this


If you want to type an extension then, instead of matching by Type, match by Name and you can enter a wildcard like *.mht

Of course, that was the first thing I tried.
However, I can not enter anything there, i.e. whatever I try, I can not get the cursor in that box.
Only thing I get is the pop-up.
So, after [Type] [Match] there is this
When clicking on this pop-up shows up, the box below it, is not accessable.
Every mouseclick is responded on by this pop-up.
That's why I assumed that manual entering an extension was blocked and users are forced to select from the pop-up only.

Name not Type.


I didn't expect 'Name' when looking for an extension.

The more so as I one of extensions was .ts - match type vlc(.ts)
So my assumption was to search for Type instead of Name.


Well, anyway, thanks.

To search for multiple extensions enter something like "*.(ts|avi|mpg)" and make sure the wildcard checkbox is ticked.

Thanks a lot!
It is obvious that I am not familiar with this way of searching :wink:
I use either Listary or Everything, but AFAIK they curently do not support searching for multiple extensions across multiple drives.
Maybe some time in future.
Anyway, thanks!