Search Problem with Directory Opus 12.5 (x64)


i am a Directory Opus 12.5 (x64) pro edition user and i am really enjoying the workflow and the great tools it offers. Recently i decided to reinstall my operating system (Windows 10 Home) and i faced a weird problem after that moment. Directory Opus search panel stopped showing any results. If i search for a file, the status bar shows the folders it is scanning but it does not return any positive results when the search ends, even though there are files which fulfills the criteria. I attached a picture displaying the problem.
I am using Directory Opus for about a year, but i am still novice so i guess the solution is simple and most probably it is my fault. Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you for your attention and have a great day :slight_smile:

You're searching a folder with a couple of JPG images...

...for files containing the text "never"...

...which probably won't match (unless you know the JPGs contain that string in their metadata).

Thank you very much! I was unaware of that field.
Have a great and profitable day :smiley: