Search Results vs. Find Results

what is the difference between Search Results (folder format) and Find Results (folder format)?
i've played/tested all 4 possible combinations (on/on, on/off, off/on, off/off) and still dont get the logics. e.g. if the former is ON and the latter is OFF, i still get the folder format of the latter (although it's off, i.e. unchecked).


Only an idea: "find" maybe refers to Opus´ own "old style" search output, whereas "search" is the new integrated search of Windows.

Pretty much as Abr says.

coll://Find Results is a particular collection that your Opus Find tool (e.g. Tools -> Find Files) is probably configured to output results into. (It doesn't have to be that collection, though, and you can save different formats for any collection you like, the same as you can save them for any folder you like.)

Search Results is what's used for Windows Search results, e.g. when using the Search field at the top-right of the default toolbars.

"Windows Search" is the service which is based upon indexing, right? Since i am on WinXP i would have to install Windows Search (and i once tried it and didnt like it very much and deinstalled it), and if it's not present on the system, the top right corner field (which i deleted from the toolbar afaicr) wouldnt do sh*t if i entered some search term :grin:

That's why i dont see any difference in the folder formats (lul).. because i dont have any Windows Search GGG. Now everything makes sense, thanks for the explanation. To unconfuse myself, i better uncheck the box "Search Results" and leave it that way (unchecked), or make it greyed out. With pasta.


Thanks again.


In newer versions you get a message telling you Windows Search isn't installed if you try to use it on XP and it's not installed.

ah okay, thanks!

there we go. :sunglasses: