Search window


is it possible in DOpus 10 to open a search panel in a separate window, just the same way it was in DOpus 9? It is unusable in my minimalistic layout because that panel covers almost whole window and I have to use scrolls to use it.

In a word, No. The old Find Window is gone. This was discussed at great length after Opus 10 was released. Quite a few people were unhappy with the change. I think many of them found acceptable alternatives using layouts and things, the details of which I never followed much less remember.

This is just to report as quickly as possible that it can't be done the same way it was in Opus 9. Hopefully someone else who had more involvement in the issue can provide more details of possible alternatives.

Ok, I get it, thanks.

Will I be able to download and install DOpus 9 after I buy the license? It was perfect for me.

Ok, I've found a solution. I've replaced Find command with this:

Go NEW=180,180,790,680,findpanel {sourcepath}

Now it works great, just the same way it was.