Searching and find no longer work on some folders

I have Opus 12.19 on a Windows 10 v1909 Build 18363.592 machine. I regularly use the Quick Search box and it works great. Today I noticed that it stopped working on some folders but not others.

Both the quick search and the advance find fail to work. I have opened explorer and it searches those file just fine. Any ideas?

Here is how my D drive is organized.

If I search this folder D:\Documents\_Word Files\Correspondence\Cards all works fine.

See Examples below.

But if I search ANY folders in the Z Work or Z Library directories, nothing is found. See example below.

D:\Z Library\_Need Numbers\Berger Pubs

It does throw up this note, but nothing scrolls, no search proceeds, and no indexing occurs.

(You can post screenshots directly to the forum. I've converted the post so everyone can read it without opening an attachment in MS Word.)

It looks like you're using the Windows Search field to search for "simon" within the content of files.

What happens is up to Windows Search, and we just pass the query over to it. You'll usually see the same thing in File Explorer, although there can be differences sometimes.

In locations which aren't indexed, you may need to use things like content:simon to explicitly ask for file contents to be searched.

But also note that Microsoft recently completely broke Windows Search in Windows 10, so you may need to wait for them to fix it. (Another recent thread, with some suggestions: The Search Box is not workiing )

Note that if you use Tools > Find Files instead of the Windows Search field then the search is done using Opus's built-in functionality, which doesn't depend on Windows Search.

Thank you for the quick reply. Yes, I just read a few articles about the window's search debacle. When you say "using Windows Search field" I think you are referring to the Quick Search field in Opus. As I said, my searches using Explorer are just fine, and you are correct, if I do a Ctrl-F search that appears to work, and as I said, the Quick Search will search on some of my folders but not others.

The other link you sent me to mentioned forcing indexing and that for one respondent it appeared to help. I searched help but didn't see how to force Opus to index a folder or directory. Perhaps forcing it to index the folders it can't currently search might solve my problem. Can you provide guidance and your thoughts?

Thank you again.

The point is that Opus isn't responsible for the indexing. Windows Search is. We just ask Windows to return the results of whatever query you type in, we have no control over whether it works or not.

Understood. Just got another windows update and still broken but at least the Ctrl-F works. My question was that one of the comments referred to "forcing indexing" and if that is possible I would like to try. Perhaps I misunderstood. If so, I guess I will have to be patient and wait for MS.

I just ran across an article and discovered what "forcing indexing" means. I went to Windows Settings/Search/Searching Windows/Advanced Search Indexer Settings/ and from there was able to select Modify or Advanced to rebuild the index. I added back the folders that apparently Windows had deleted and now the problem is solved.

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