Searching descriptions and 'whole words'

Hello, in advanced search there is an option to search for whole words in a description. As far as I can tell, this option does nothing. Could someone please tell me how to use it? Thank you.

Whole words off:

Whole words on:

When searching in Description, Whole words only seems useful in connection with Use wildcards.

Thanks, but even then it didn't seem to make any difference. Maybe I'm just not understanding how to use it.

Try something like this:

OK so it does do something. I'm just working out what




Usually (in the rest of the universe) Whole word means, the search string must not be part of a larger word. So searching for Directory should return Directory Opus but not DirectoryOpus.

Looks like in this case (search without wildcards) you would need to use regex to limit the search results to whole words.

It seems like 'Whole words' is behaving like 'check each individual word instead of the entire description string'.