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Searching filtering to a subfolder depth



I need some help with this issue and I'd gladly appreciate any help.

I have mp3 ordered in subfolders according to a rule : k:[artist name][album tilte][mp3 files]

Unfortunately some MP files are not placed according to this rule : they are located at k:[artist name][mp3 files].

I'd like to run a search with the Opus Find tool but I can't figure out the right parameters.

I tried this :

Location Match k:*
Name Match *.mp3

both with the "use jokers" option on but it doesn't work. Any variation on the location didn't work neither (k:*,k:**)

Please can somebody tell me where I'm going wrong ?

Thanks in advance.


See this thread: How to filter items by location or sub-folder


Thanks. I read it first but didn't grasp the idea.

I made this filter :
Location Doesn't Match K:**
Name Match *.mp3

and presto ! There it is :smiley: