Searching is not indexed and so the search my be slower than expected

If you see the above alert when performing a file search using the default search feature (see below) then what Opus is telling you is that you have not set up Window's indexing feature to index the drive you are currently searching.

The Opus default search tool (as opposed to the feature rich "Find Files" option) uses Window's built in indexing to find files much faster. But you must select which locations Windows will index. In the past, indexing tools were taxing performance - this is no longer necessarily true so you should feel free to add locations that you might want to search in the future. Here's how:

  1. Type "Indexing Options" into the Windows search bar. You should see the "Indexing Options" control panel. Click that to open to app.

  1. Select "Modify" and click the check box for each drive on your PC that you want indexed. By default, you'll see some locations you may not want indexed and you can uncheck those - like internet history.

Windows will take some time to create a new index but when complete you should no longer see the Opus alert and your searches will be much much quicker.