Searching the preferences

I like the new tree in v9 on the left side of the preference pane, replacing the tabs that used to appear across the top for each category, BUT it drives me nuts that clicking a node closes the node you were looking at. Especially when you filter the preferences, it's very distracting when nodes that contain your search term disappear because you clicked on another node. Is there any way to turn this behavior off so that nodes don't automatically open & close?

There's no way to change this behaviour. I agree with you though and petitioned unsuccessfully against it when it first made it into the betas. :slight_smile:

Perhaps if enough people make official requests it may get changed.

It's also mildly annoying that if there is only one expanded item, clicking the minus sign on that item doesn't collapse it.

Why are you spending so much time in Preferences open and closing the tree anyway? Would you like Opus to come with a built-in tree toy that you can open and close all day without affecting anything else? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No, I would like the tree control to behave like a normal tree control.

Here's a test. Perform a filter and you'll get some results in the tree, circled in red. Click on one of these results and watch as a randomly-chosen selection of all the other results disappear. You then have to click on each node in turn in order to see the results of the filter. Not fun. If the tree behaved normally, all your results would stay visible.

This is a basic user-interface issue. Interface elements should not unexpectedly jump around and disappear or reappear. I know Microsoft violates this left and right but that doesn't mean you should too.

The tree simply has the 'single expand' style set - this is a standard feature of the Windows tree control and there's not really anything "random" about it that I know of.

If you perform a filter, some of the nodes will be open and showing filter results circled in red. Click on one of these, and some of the other nodes will close and some will remain open. It looks random to me.

I don't think it's random - it seems to be closing the last selected node once you move to a new one.