Searching the prefs does not work anymore?!

I was searching for "high" and "highlight" to find out what Jon means with highlighted items, but DO won't let me! o)
Tested with current v13.4.5 beta (installed some minutes ago) and prior beta version (installed yesterday).


If you can't reproduce on your side, I need to send a process dump I guess?
I will wait until somebody tells me to do so. Thx! o)

It works for me on 13.4.5.

The index is rebuilt with every new version. Perhaps you have some slow or non-responsive drives in your configuration, causing this delay.

Thanks Rebel154.

For sure I have powered down machines, unavailable UNC paths, disconnected thumb drives and things, but why would they interfere with the preferences index? Even if there is some kind of unavailable path used in, let's say the folder formats, the unavailable content or nature of these drives/paths should not matter when building the preferences index?

This is only my naive thinking of course! o)

The prefs search also does not find a custom folder format by name, so it's not indexed and even if it would be, why hang when indexing the string?

I let DO sit for some minutes now, and yes, it came back to life! It took so long, I was not expecting this to happen (I would not have opened this thread).

I had hangs with v13 and paths being present in configurations files before (in tabcolors.xml and folderlabels.xml e.g.):

I still see no reason why that is, but maybe we get behind that one day? o)

Anyway, thank you! o)
Now I can continue to investigate the "highlight" thing.. o)

Send us some process snapshots and we'll take a look.

You may also find the same problem happens if you go through all the Preferences pages, once you get to a particular page. That might make the cause apparent. (Building the search index requires creating all the pages, and one of them is probably going wrong for some reason.)