Second mouse click for rename for filename with dots

I upgraded to DOpus 9, upgraded to I use Explorer style , right file display set to details, with hide filename extensions options. When I try to left-click on selected file for rename (first click for highlight file, second click with little delay for rename) in case filename contains multiple dots, highliting automatically move to left to next dot, so I unable to rename full filename now, I need to re-highlight it with mouse. I looked in all options but was unable to find a way to change this

Hello pav56,

We need a sub-option to the File Formats -> Display-> Hide file extension in Filename column option.
You could turn off the hide extension option for now.

Confirmed as a problem.

In the mean time you can press Ctrl-A to select the entire contents of the edit field - no need to use the mouse.

Thanks for answer. I found another way to temporary solve this until fix will be available. I created button with command

So, if you got a directory with lot of files with multiple dots in filename, just select them all, run command above to rename dots to spaces. For me this way works faster then CTRL+A. Sure, this is if you don't need to keep dots in filename.