Secondary verbs not shown in the File Type Editor

Hi there!

I've noticed that context menu entries registered as secondary verbs —as defined by Microsoft in Windows documentation—, which are subkeys under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations in the Windows Registry, are not taken into account in the File Type Editor, so they cannot be edited there.

Moreover, this means that when I enable the option Hide Windows items on file context menus in Preferences, I cannot use the command FileType VERB secondary_verb to re-add a specific context menu entry to the regular context menu for a file type, and therefore it remains hidden (in the extended menu).

Is this a bug or the intended behavior for the File Type Editor?

What's the best way to re-add that kind of context menu entry to the context menu for a file type when using the option I mentioned above?

The way file types work in the Windows registry is an evergrowing complete and utter mess which gets worse with every Windows update. (Microsoft may be about to add yet another layer of overrides, from what I've read!)

The file types editor in Opus only supports editing the basics. (The similar one which was built in to Windows long ago was completely removed. Maybe because they couldn't keep up with themselves.) You'd still need to use regedit for some things.

Yeah, I know Microsoft has made it quite difficult to “follow the track” of some context menu entries placement in the Windows Registry with so many changes and backwards compatibility. I just thought this one was quite common, documented and well-known —it's been there since Windows XP times— to deserve being implemented in the File Type Editor.

I guess it's niche and it's just me that used these secondary verbs to customize context menus in File Explorer —in my pre-DOpus days, that's it— due to their shared file associations advantage over the basic file associations (ProgID-related and disappearing every time you change the default application for a specific file type).

Well, I'm in the process of revamping my most frequently accessed file types context menus and adding new functionality thanks to DOpus, so I know how to replace them with custom commands. The only problem is that the extended context menu grows a lot with duplicated stuff, but it's not a big issue.