"Secure Delete" option in Delete Dialog

I welcome the Secure Delete feature. However, it only is settable globally. While this is ok when deleting small files, as soon the files get larger (imagine deleting a bunch of PDF files) it can take ages, as long as the ssecure delete is being applied.

Secure Delete is something one needs seldomly. I did not investigate, if I can set up a button to do so (I strongly believe this is possible, the delete command would have a secure attribute then) but I'd like to have set my global prefs to Normal Delete and then a checkmark in the "Really Delete ?" dialog. This might not be perfect however, since it would be inconsistant to those, that don't use the "Really Delete?" dialog, for whatever reasons. On the other hand, I thing, this would only be an addition to the way it is now, without replacing anything else.

Set up a button to call the Delete SECURE command, or use the one we give you by default (middle-mouse button on the standard Delete toolbar button).

That works, but what would be nice is when you press shift delete to by pass the recycle bin, that a 3rd button on there be present called "secure delete". I tend to use the kb more often, and while I could setup a kb shortcut to do the same thing I believe it would be easier to use something that already exists and add on to it.

I would also welcome the "third button on delete dialog" option.

Personally I do not like to set up toolbar-buttons for every bit. They are the worst user-interface concept. Power users use the hotkeys/menu-shortcuts anyway. I am aware, that each toolbar-button can have a keyboard-shortcut, but it needs to exist anyway (or as a menu-entry). The less functions need to be present in an UI the better. This is at least valid for things, that can be initiated differently.
Which would be valid for the delete, since this could be done by a dialog, that offers "secure" "normal" "recycle bin" "cancel".

But the problem with people not using the delete dialog (who anyway?) would still exist.

Just a small point:

[quote]amix wrote:
I am aware, that each toolbar-button can have a keyboard-shortcut, but it needs to exist anyway (or as a menu-entry).[/quote]This is not true, you don't have to have a button or menu entry defined in order to assign a hotkey. If you go to Help->Keyboard Map... you can assign hotkey's to functions directly. I realize you're looking for the dialog to be extended, but just wanted to clarify this... you could easily assign Delete or Delete keys to do a Delete SECURE, and not have to set up a 'button' first...