Secure Screenshot not blurring tab and folder path correctly

I just tried out the secure screenshot feature but it's not blurring the path correctly or one of the tabs. The pink blocks indicate the areas not blurred.

Directory Opus 12.8
Function: Clipboard SCREENSHOT=secure


What kind of path is it? Looks like something other than a local drive/lettter?

That's right it's OneDrive. Is this not supported?

It won't blur the "OneDrive" part of the name (when in the folder directly below the Desktop), but should blur any sub-folders:


Is the top-level name revealing more than just "OneDrive" for you? (e.g. Maybe business versions of OneDrive include the organisation name or something?)

The path is > Username > OneDrive - Company name > Documents.

As you can see only the Documents part is blurred. Although it lists the company name next to OneDrive i'm actually using the "normal" OneDrive desktop client.

The tab that's not being blurred says "Documents (OneDrive)

We've tixed the breadcrumb part.

Is the tab using a custom label that you've applied yourself?

Hi Leo,

I can't remember if I renamed the tab but i've added the colour to it and saved it as part of my default lister.